Cedarscreen Board & Batten cladding system

Cedarscreen details and profiles are compliant for use with Cedar, Truwood and Larch timber options

Board and batten is a traditional vertical cladding system used extensively over the years on both residential homes and as a feature on commercial buildings. Preferred by many building authorities, architects, specifiers and building designers, western red cedar board and batten exterior cladding delivers superior weather tightness.

'Board and Batten' may conjure an image of simple ply cladding with timber battens covering the joints; but Cedarscreen’s western red cedar board and batten cladding system uses the more traditional method of wide solid timber cedar boards and matching battens to provide a high quality, resilient and elegant alternative.

As solid cedar timber becomes increasingly popular, and architects and homeowners respond to the need for long lasting, high quality cladding systems, traditional board and batten is making a comeback. With modern timber weatherboard profiles on offer and backed by an excellent track record, cedar board and batten is a popular alternative for cladding modern architectural buildings. Board and batten cedar cladding is especially in demand along New Zealand’s coastlines, and throughout the South Island, as architects draw on a traditional aesthetic that suits the impressive and demanding landscapes.

Cedarscreen’s board and batten cladding system typically uses 180mm wide cedar boards laid directly over framing with an 8mm gap, which is then sealed with a batten. Board and batten external cladding provides more depth of relief than other profiled weatherboards like shiplap and bevel back. This robust system and the low shrinkage of cedar means that board and batten cladding can handle large variations in weather and harsh conditions and as such offers a high risk matrix rating. The generous and carefully designed weather grooving in combination with a setout that allows for natural expansion and contraction of the cedar provides an extremely robust and durable cladding.

Cedar board and batten cladding applied using traditional materials and proven systems gives a superbly elegant natural appearance that is equally at home in an urban context and within the rugged rural New Zealand aesthetic.

Combining cedar finish options (bandsawn and dressed) of board and batten cladding with a wide selection of wood oil colour-tone options, board and batten offers a vast palette for architects and designers to choose from.


Cedarscreen board and batten is a compliant direct fixed wall cladding material with fixing methods in accordance with the Building Code’s Acceptable Solution E2/AS1. Vertical board and batten weatherboards shall be fixed directly to the wall frame, in accordance with the risk categories as shown in Clause 3.0 and Tables 1, 2 and 3 E2/AS1.

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