Cedarscreen Launch

From New Zealand's early days as people searched for more durable construction materials, simple no-nonsense timber weatherboards have been inextricably linked to the concept of good building and great architecture.

This sentiment continues today as Rosenfeld Kidson launch their new, revolutionary Cedarscreen Cedar Weatherboard cladding systems.

Rosenfeld Kidson has made several significant advances to the weather tightness, buildability and aesthetic appeal of Cedar cladding.

Cedarscreen Vertical

A revolutionary Vertical Shiplap Cedar Weatherboard system available with either a ventilated 20mm or structural 45mm Radiata cavity batten.

Structural cavity batten

Rosenfeld Kidson has developed an innovative wall cladding system for use with Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards that utilises a structural 45mm Radiata batten. The Rosenfeld Kidson CS-H 45mm structural, ventilated cavity batten is fixed to the wall framing, without the need of additional supporting dwangs.

The primary benefit of this system is that the cladding is only required to be fixed to the batten itself, helping to maintain the integrity of the building envelope and air seal. The 45mm cavity also allows for improved drainage, ventilation and insulation.

Rosenfeld Kidson cavity battens are treated to H3.2 and the first to use the ‘environmentally preferable’ MCQ treatment.

These systems are tested fully in accordance with E2/AS1/VM1 External Moisture Verification Method Testing Building Facades and NZS 4284:2008 Testing Building Facades Specific Design. Testing was carried out at an IANZ accredited facility and included cladding junctions with windows, doors, soffit, penetrations, internal and external corners.

It’s in the detail

Today's technically advanced cladding systems and enhanced profiling and machining methods, mean that Cedar cladding can be manipulated to exploit the full range of possibilities that timber provides.

From the cool clean lines of narrow profiled boards with Rosenfeld Kidson’s crisp new corner profiles, through to random depth and width weatherboards that evoke images of the craggy landscape and richly textured environment that many of our buildings find themselves in.

Cedarscreen Rusticated & Bevel Back

Rosenfeld Kidson is able to offer horizontal Rusticated Weatehrboards and Bevel Back Weatherboard systems with a comprehensive suite of details in a range of formats available from our Cedarscreen website.

These systems are compliant as both direct fixed and cavity fixed wall cladding materials with fixing methods in accordance with Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.

Cedarscreen Board & Batten

Rosenfeld Kidson can also offer details for traditional Board & Batten Weatherboarding.

Cedarscreen Board & Batten is a compliant direct fixed wall cladding material with fixing methods in accordance with Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.


A range of coating options and choice in texture create a myriad of opportunities for designers to draw from further, to create many unique solutions for your construction project.

Applied under controlled conditions to a strict quality assurance programme, the Dryden Woodoils used in our FactoryOil coating process protect the cedar from within, reducing the effects of climate and the often harsh conditions encountered in New Zealand.


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