WorkingSpec launches with INTERSET®

Rosenfeld Kidson’s INTERSET® Recessed Window Flashing System can now be viewed as an interactive 3D animation to assist interpretation and installation of this clever solution. Rosenfeld Kidson has the fortunate opportunity to be the first to embrace this revolutionary platform. 



WorkingSpec allows Manufacturers, Architects and Engineers to communicate their design details to the trades in a more accessible way. 
Often the existing information is platform and software specific and limits a user's ability to access the information easily. Many times, information
contained in a detail is missed or not interpreted correctly when viewed on the 2D platform of paper and digital documents. WorkingSpec works
to compliment the 2D platform and enhance it through specific QR codes, placed on the detail drawing, product material or packaging. 
The app is used to scan the code and view the 3D-animated, interactive model on a Tablet or Smartphone. 

Where can the app be used?

• Bespoke Architectural details

• A better understanding of existing systems

• Training staff, Builders or Specifiers in using or assembling your product

• Selling your product

It's easy!

1 – Download the WorkingSpec app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

2 – Find and scan the WorkingSpec QR code on the participating Manufacturer’s brochure, drawing or packaging. 
(to make it even easier here is one below on the screen)

3 – View the interactive model.


See our range of products on the WorkingSpec app




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